Turning undecided buyers into satisfied customers is a challenge all businesses face. 

We teamed up with Kanetix, to build and implement a probabilistic machine learning model that increased sales by 23%!

Kanetix Ltd. Integrates AI to Increase Sales

Early Results Pack a Big Punch!

We have spent years continuously optimizing our funnel. While we made great strides on our own, we were eager to test AI as a means to really move the needle. When we learned about the work Integrate.ai is doing, we saw an opportunity to do just that.

Andrew Lo, former CEO, Kanetix Ltd.

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Just five months after Integrate’s model was deployed, Kanetix witnessed impressive results. They experienced a 23 percent increase in sales among the test group of undecided buyers and an ROI of 2.3x.

About integrate.ai

Integrate.ai helps consumer enterprises develop more meaningful relationships with customers using artificial intelligence.

Our cloud-based machine learning platform integrates directly into systems of engagement to focus marketing and customer service resources where they will have the greatest impact. Our trusted signals exchange enables enterprises to share insights and learnings about consumer behaviour without leaking competitive IP or compromising user privacy. We enable partnerships, collaboration, and a platform for businesses to innovate ethically as we shape our collective future.